holt renfrew last call @ toronto

  1. Have anyone been there before? Do they have good sales item? Is it worth going? Please advise! thanks
  2. You have to go on a regular basis as they continually replenisgh stock. Prices are okay. I think you would be better off just waiting & visiting a Holts store during their sale in July
  3. i'm asking because i'm visiting toronto in july (i'm in vancouver)... Do their stuff go for 50% off or more?thanx
  4. In July yes some of the items do go 50% or more. Currently their sale is starting at regular Holt stores & by July it will probably be marked down one more time, only problem is sizes & selection will be limited, good deals to be found though.
  5. It's all right, but you really have to dig, and there is a lot of crap in there. I bought my man a couple of things there for Christmas and they do not do returns so beware if you change your mind!

    I agree with Pisdapisda, if you go to the stores themselves while the sale is on you will have a better chance of finding great deals.

    It is fun to go through what they have and the mall is huge. Hope you make it there and enjoy yourself.
  6. thanks everyone for the replies!