Holt Renfrew Last Call (Ontario, Canada) - Dress sale!

  1. Buy 1 dress - get 50% off lowest ticketed price (highest priced item will be 50% off)
    Buy 2nd dress - get 60% off lowest ticketed price
    Buy 3rd or more - get 70% off lowest ticketed price

    Great deal!!!
  2. OMG.....thats amazing! I wish I was close to them!!
  3. Just got back from the sale!! Picked up:

    1. Milly dress - $69
    2. Juicy Couture White Terry Romper (not technically a dress but it was in the dress section!) - $25
    3. Vince dress - $25

    Can't believe the prices were so cheap!!
  4. Are there a lot of sizes left & selection?
  5. I'm wondering the same thing...
  6. Me too!
  7. Me Three!
    Also, did you by any notice any bags/wallets?
  8. Wow, I NEVER noticed anything cheap at Last Call but lately that's all I've been hearing! I'm definitely going soon!
  9. They have tonnes of dresses in many different styles and sizes...in both dressy and casual. It looked like they had brought in all of last years spring summer stock as the dress section was much bigger than their normal selection...go early for best selection!
  10. Oh really ?

    Hey did you notice any shoe deals ?
  11. No recent fresh stock of new shoes, but the shoes were 30% off last ticketed price. Pretty good prices if you see something you like (there were Louboutins and Pradas etc in some sizes)....

    In terms of handbags, I didn't really take a good look.... sorry!
  12. Wow sounds like some incredible deals!
  13. Wish I had some time to go..
  14. I've always found their handbag selection kind of crummy and picked over.. and also very high priced considering it is "LAST CALL". They had the Gucci 85th anniversary bags there still the last time I went, but they weren't marked down very much, very disappointing. Then again, I don't think any of the really good bags make it to last call - they're always snapped up ! :graucho:
  15. I agree, I don't usually look at their handbags very carefully, but doesn't seem like the good ones make it to Last Call. It's not like you will see most-wanted handbags sitting on the shelf there (unfortunately!!).... and usually you will see alot of the more funky colored bags!!