Holt Renfrew Last Call Coupons

  1. Anyone for the outlet? I want to go on Wednesday and I really want to know if there is a coupon. TIA
  2. They don't have coupons, they just do certain percentages off
  3. I just went last call today...they have really good deals they even had some %90 additional off. Most of them has additional %50 off. they didn't have much bags,but they had great pants and skirts
  4. It looks kind of dead in there. I was looking for some wallets or even handbags, but they had the ugliest selections.
  5. This is not the store to go to if you only want wallets or handbags because pickings are slim. However, if you're willing to dig through the racks, I always come out with some fabulous stuff, phillip lim, marc jacobs, development, etc. I don't think I've ever come out with nothing in my hand, ever.