Holt Renfrew... for canadian girls!

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  1. I've never been to holt renfrew but have heard that they carry coach. Do they carry the same as the FP store or perhaps get some department store exclusives? Do they ever have sales? There is one within my reach.... just as close as any coach store anyways.. just curious?
  2. Hey muranogrl! Yes Holt's does carry Coach. They occasionally have older stock out on clearance after Christmas and they do a 25% off sale sometime in December but it doesn't apply to the new fall stuff. Their selection isn't as good as a boutique but they do carry the department store exclusive lines from Coach.
  3. I dont know about that, but I wanted to say..I :heart: Cadbury Crunchie bars lol When I go home to visit ( MI) I always make a trip to Windsor to stock up.
  4. At my branch of Holt Renfrew, they always have several tables of clearance items in the handbag department. I've spotted many a Coach bag on those tables. It's a good place to hunt for older styles. Holt Renfrew also carries Coach shoes.
  5. Thanks girls! Maybe I will scout out a Holt Renfrew in my next travels:smile:
  6. Well then, I may be making a stop at Holt's soon.
  7. the one here in Ottawa usually has quite a lot of coach- usually the more popular items. same prices as retail (accept i got a holts card so i got 10% off my carly!)
  8. I heard from a Holts sales person that they are not going to be carrying Coach anymore. Perhaps since there are now quite a few Coach boutiques in Canada, Holts doesn't see it as being as exclusive as it used to be. That said, they may be having a sale on what Coach they have in stock!
  9. ^I don't remember seeing any Coach stuff at Holts Yorkdale when I was there for PSN. Maybe the Coach purses were sent to Holts Last Call?
  10. my first Coach bag was from Holt Renfrew, before we got Coach stores in Alberta. I will say that the salespeople at HR in Edmonton are notoriously snooty, and they don't know their Coach at all. that being said, I always stop in when I'm in the area, it's fun to look at some of the older bags :smile:
  11. Noro...I haven't spent a whole lot of time in there but the Polish lady (can't remember her name) and Anita (the Asian lady) both seem quite nice. The only one I thought may have seemed a little snooty was one of the younger ones...but I happened to be there one day when she was just about to go on her break and she was toting a signature Maggie ;).
  12. I was at Holts/Sherway Gardens yesterday and they had Coach items there but nothing was on sale.
  13. Holts last clearance sale was pretty bad. All these 60% off signs but little to show for it. I have occassionally seen some Coach at Holts Last Call in Vaughan Mills, but not much and not usually nothing great. Also - some of the Style Sense stores have Coach bags. I saw one in Oakville last week. It was in the "special" designer case. Weird thing tho - it had a Coach Factory store tag on it! Can't remember what style. Style Sense also sometimes has Coach footwear, they had some siggie winter boots on clearance last week.
  14. ^That reminds me, Holts Last Call in Vaughan Mills had a couple of Ergo Pleated Framed Satchels in pink patent, with the tattersall lining. This was as of Saturday, Feb 6th though.
  15. I passed by Holt's on Bloor last week too and found it strange that there were no more COACH bags :sad:. Ah well .. at least there is a COACH store across the street :smile:.