Holt Renfrew extra 20% sale started

  1. To all fellow canadians....

    the extra 20% of sale started today and its on all week at Holts...

  2. yay finally! (I was just going to post this!!)
    I have been waiting for this extra discount to buy some Dior ballet shoes! Bought them today along with a dress shirt for the hubby. The prices ended up being about 60% off MSRP.

    Not too much selection but good deals if you find that something special!
  3. Ahhhh! Too bad there's nothing left at mine that I'm interested in.
  4. just got back, and there's no further reduction except additional 20% off. I wanted a Fendi scarf, but some threads are coming undone, and it's the last one, so i didn't get it. Apparently, this is the last week of sale, they'll ship the rest of the staff to last call (Montreal somewhere). If you want something, this is the last week to get it from Holts.
  5. Does it include absolutely EVERYTHING? Like even Chanel?
  6. The extra 20% off only applies to fall/winter merchandise that is already on sale.

  7. Actually, Holt Renfrew Last Call is in the Vaughn Mills mall.
  8. Norlite, sorry for my ignorance. I didn't know there's a last call for Holt Renfrew, the SA told me today that the last call is in Montreal somewhere. For sure there isn't one here in Vancouver. Do they usually have good deals?

  9. No problem. No need to apologize. :smile:

    Strange the SA would say Montreal. I'm not aware of one there. Maybe there used to be? I remember when the Vaughn Mills HR Last Call opened. It was only a couple years ago.

    Even their site lists Toronto only.


    I've been there a few times. Found a few deals on clothes. Not much (imo) on shoes and bags.