Holt Renfrew Designer Sale - 40% Off

  1. On now!

    "Save up to 40% on selected men’s, women’s and kids’ designer fall fashions and accessories.*


    *Excluding cosmetics, fragrances, services, Tiffany, fine jewellery, watches and selected departments. No price adjustments on prior purchases. Certain restrictions apply. Please ask a Sales Associate for details. Offer valid at all stores except Last Call."

    I don't have time to go shopping, boo! Anything good?[FONT=Verdana,Helvetica,Arial][FONT=Verdana,Helvetica,Arial,sans-serif]
  2. To be honest...in Vancouver there really wasn't much. I was very disappointed. Or maybe they didn't finish setting up. I saw them take some purses out of these bags under the table.
  3. Anyone know when this sale started?
  4. ^ I believe it was yesterday.
  5. Anyone know which bags were on sale? Any Coach?
  6. At Yorkdale they have couple of marc jacobs bags and few balenciagas:smile: I am on a ban, so i was just walking around :smile: i did buy myself gucci boots though lol couldnt resist!
  7. svetty - do you happen to remember what balenciaga colours/styles and how much of a discount?
  8. how much were the boots if you don't mind me asking? thanks

  9. Ooo balenciaga on sale? is it over now? (the sale)
  10. ^^^ my sister went to the one on bloor a few weeks ago..(maybe 4) and they had the hook style on sale..not sure what they have now, i should go and drool
  11. at Yorkdale they still have rouge and black , but it tiny, like a pouchette :smile:and i think they are around 600! and a huge brown, work i think, but i am not sure how much it was
  12. They were 699 ! Brown suede with whte heel, they are so comfy
    I know they stiil have black and white ones but dont know which sizes
  13. Heads up Ladies, F&F weekend will be Dec 8 weekend but my SA was saying it will only be for people that have a Holt's card that will receive the 25%
  14. ^^ the credit card or the invitation card?
  15. my SA promised me to give me her discount card so i am thinking what i should get lol :smile: I thought it was on Dec 2 though