Holt Renfrew Customer Appreciation

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  1. 25% off! December 9 & 10. Except Spring stuff, Fragrance, Cosmetics and stuff already on sale. And of course, LV.

    I went there today and all I picked out to buy was a pair of C of H jeans! What else should I buy!!!!????!!!!!
  2. I heard it was only for cardholders??
    I sure hope not cause I need to buy a few things from holt
  3. Hi caliprincess. i was there today to get a bag, and they already have a 40% off Designer items, but like you said except the Spring issues. That would be great, if they would have an additional discount on top of that, coz am going back today (Sat.) to exchange the Chanel Classic Flap bag, coz they actually gave me the wrong size am interested in -- I specifically asked for a medium in black caviar, but since this is my first Chanel bag, I didn't realize they gave me a small. I just hope they have the medium, coz the SA told me that it's kind of a surprise that they're running out of the caviars in both gold and silver hardware :sad: They do however, have some lambskin and the patent leather one, both in 2.55 reissues, which is of course more expensive. *sigh*
  4. I received a letter saying you needed to purchase on your AMEX card to get the 25% as well as show the letter...

    too bad it doesn't include Tiffany, LV, Gucci or Chanel!! I'm going to pick up some jeans for my bf and maybe browse some burberry.
  5. Can anyone confirm? What do you need to get the discount? I want to go today for some jeans!
  6. :cursing: I didn't get any letters from H-R! :sad: And I am on their mailing list -- I always get catalogues and invites by mail before.
  7. I just called and they said you have to bring in the letter Can someone pleeeeease post it?? Thanks!!
  8. This is the letter but it has my name on it!

    Attached Files:

  9. Thanks soooo much for posting! I'll share whatever I buy!
  10. Are you just gonna print it out and use it? I wonder if they will be ok with that?
  11. I just realized that you'll be visiting the same store as me, so I won't use it because they might notice! Does anyone from a different city have one they could post? I spoke to someone at HR this morning, and she said you just have to show them the letter when you purchase.
  12. You are in Ottawa???
    I highly doubt I am going!

    I want a Marc Jacobs wallet but I don't think I'll be able to make it!!!
  13. I received this letter, but realized there would be nothing I want to buy.

    Fall/winter is already 40% off. LV/Gucci/Chanel, etc is not included. Make-up, perfume etc is not included. New Spring stuff is not included.

    What's left?
  14. Its on Chloes...they have Chloes on Bloor....
  15. Yeah, I'm in Ottawa! I'm going to try to make it today - they're open until 9 (holiday hours). I wish they had Chloe here!