Holt Renfrew AMEX Card Holder Sale

  1. Do any Canadians on the forum have the HR AMEX card? I keep declining their offer of one as I am happy to use my Gold MC with airmiles for everything but just learned that they hold two sale days per year for AMEX card holders where they offer 25% off. Has anyone attended these sales?
  2. I have a Holts AmEx card. It doesn't cost anything and I get points when I buy something, anywhere... which I then use towards a purchase at Holt Renfrew...

    I never go the 25% sale because, IMO, that sale isn't good enough to get me into the store. The discounts don't apply to any of the leased stores, such as Chanel, so I'm really not tempted to go this Saturday. :shrugs:
  3. oh that's too bad! i totally didn't even think about the leased stores not counting towards the 25% sale! hee hee...i found out about it today from the store..and am almost compelled to go sign up for one! nuts, i know....;)
  4. Jayne1: I totally understand!
    It sucks that Chanel, LV, Tiffany, Gucci, Links of London, Cosmetics are not included.
    There is nothing that I am really looking at getting. I have a feeling if I do get something its for the sake of just getting something. I should stay away. LOL

    ~Moi~ it is worth it to get the HR Amex, just in case..hehe...I only use mine for the 25% off days...my bf loves designer jeans, so its a great way to save some.
  5. ha ha...that's true. I was thinking the same thing...esp for the advance notice for sales..that's pretty good too
  6. ^ The sale is good if you want jewellery or clothing or accessories. Never tried buying a purse during this time, but I find the best thing to do is go a few days early, put things on hold and pick them up. It can get chaotic depending on what time you go.