Holt Renfrew 25% this Saturday

  1. Just got this email...

    same restrictions as usual, no lv, chanel, probably gucci too, but theres still lots of stuff that does qualify!
  2. balenciaga?
  3. i think so
  4. anything from the fall collection...they do it by date codes!
  5. Sounds good, I wonder how the selection is?
    I guess it doesn't include anything that just arrived in stores not too long ago?
  6. ^^ No, just regular priced old stuff from Fall that should have gone on sale last month, but never did.
  7. I was in this morning...Tiffany, Burberry, Fendi...all were included!!! 25% off Tiffany!!!

    Of course the Louis Vuitton DH bought me for Christmas wasn't on sale but as if I was going to say no to that!!!
  8. ^^ Are you in Montreal? We don't have a Tiffany inside our Toronto Holts. That's because there's a huge Tiffany store down the street on Bloor.
  9. OMG, I can't beleive Tiffany's inlcuded!
  10. I'm in Edmonton...I was shocked that it was included...the SA said it was the first time ever.
  11. ok I'm back with a Tiffany oval bracelet and necklace at 25% off! WOO HOO

    Thanks to whoever posted! Otherwise I would have never found out!
  12. so upset i'm missing this! will be in ottawa on monday...oh well
  13. nooooooo i missed it! I wish I checked tpf this morning!!!
  14. no way, you kidding me? tiffany included? i have never seen any department store in US that have Tiffany inside of them. I wish i'm in Canada now.
  15. You could always call the Vancouver store to see if they'd ship...they're open for another hour!!