holt renfew shoppers please help

  1. Hello, I was wondering how big the holt renfrew Tiffany stores are? I have a holt renfew gift card and wanted to know if the stores are as big as the standard Tiffany owed Tiffany stores because it is quite a drive to any of the locations as I live in the states? Do they have any houseware stuff? I tried calling 3 of the locations but the workers were anything but helpful and did not seem like they gave a **** about helping you if you weren't physically in the store.
  2. None of the stores in Toronto carry Tiffany. Yes they are very rude and snobby there. Why not just go to a Tiffany store?!
  3. The Holt Renfrew in Montreal does have a Tiffany but it is very small. It is definitely much much smaller than a regular Tiffany store. The one in Montreal only carries jewelry, and a small selection at that. They do not have housewares or leather goods etc.
  4. I was at the Vancouver Holt's yesterday and I don't remember seeing a Tiffany boutique inside the store. If you have a gift card to spend, use it for something like LV, as it will be one of the few things a wee bit cheaper than the US. Anything you might want to buy at Holt Renfrew is going to cost you significantly more than any similar US store.
    Case in point: I almost bought a pair of ToryBurch Ace Wedges yesterday marked down to $199, only to check Nordie's and they're $146.90. Guess where I'm buying mine?

    How much is your gift card for? Do you have any friends or family in Canada that might want to buy it off you? I'm just thinking that even if you are able to use it for Tiffany, it's still going to cost you more than if you bought it in the US. I guess any shopping you do decide to do will have to be by phone, since it's not like you can shop online and enter your gift card number.
  5. The Tiffany at the Vancouver Holts is pretty small. I don't remember if they sell any houseware/glassware.
  6. The Tiffany's in the Calgary HR is not very big -- I didn't get a chance to see their stock, though, as DH was making noises :rolleyes:
  7. Thanks everyone. The gift card is 3,000 usd. Does anyone know if they can/will transfer in pieces from the regular tiffany stores if you come in person and the piece is not super cheap? I have a very specific piece I am interested that is around 2,000 usd which is on tiffany.ca. Thanks for the help everyone, I really appreciate the insight.
  8. The staff at Tiffany in Holts Ottawa are somewhat friendly...call during a weekday and ask them! The full-time Tiffany specialist is super nice but I can't remember her name!!