1. please tell what exactly is the fendi hologram and how does it help to prove authenicity.------ help
  2. Look for a tag inside your bag with a shiny metallic thing on it. Not all Fendi styles have holograms though. My Roman Selleria bag has one, but my Devil bag (an older style) just has a serial number. I don't own my baguettes any more, but I don't remember holograms in those either.
  3. The hologram is relatively new (2yrs+-). The older styles will not have a hologram. But it is very easy for people who make fakes, to make a hologram. I bought a spy bag on eBay and it had the hologram and everything and it was still fake.
  4. my leather baguette has a hologram sticker, a leather tag with a serial no(??)and came with a yellow care card......so did the baby spy. as for authenticity - i think it's kinda hard to determine that coz it all depends on the bag. different bags come with different lining, handles etc...the baby zucca lining is made of linen material. i think the leather spy has a different lining. hope this helps...