Hologram stix on Classic Flap?


Sep 15, 2006
Hi, I have no doubt of the authenticity of my Classic Flap as it's purchase from the boutiques itself..
But being new with Chanel..I'm just wondering..should there be any hologram sticker or anything of the serial number on the bag besides the authenticity card? Cos I can't find any in mine of the serial number except the card..:confused1:
I hope this is not a silly question..:P

Is it a new one or a vintage one?

If you have a fabric interior, it should be on a tab attached to the fabric. if you have a leather interior, it's in the inner corner stuck onto the leather.

Hi Mello, L^^

Thanks for the reply..:yes:
I just check again..and yeah, true..it's quite hard to see actually cos it's small and in the corner..But I found it!!
Hmm..But I still can't believe I couldn't see it before.. :Push:
I'm glad you asked this question -- and even more happy to have it answered -- because I too hadn't been able to detect the hologram sticker in my Classic Flap Xmas present. :wondering