Hologram spy

  1. Someone is selling me a "used" hologram spy, i really liked this bag and color early this year but thought that i couldnt get one since it's quite pricey plus very few pieces on sale, should i still get it? Im torn between this and a Chanel patent Coco Cabas.... is it still a pretty bag, the spy , I mean? will it be a classic like the chanel? thanks
  2. Personally I love Spy's, and when comparing the hologram (Fortuny right?) to a patent cabas I think they'll be about equally "classic". Both seem pretty trendy to me. Now if you were comparing it to a different Chanel style, I'd probably say the Chanel would be more classic. I think the other colors of the Spy are classic, but the Fortuny just doesn't read "classic" to me. Still gorgeous though!
  3. The spy is always a classic, will be round for a very long time. The hologram is a bit delicate in nature, stunning bag but you do need to be careful with it. Its a bag that gets you noticed and makes you stand out. If you still like the bag then get it if you are getting a good deal
  4. Hmmm, I'm a spy fan and that bag has always been a stunner. I've just heard a lot about how delicate the bag is. So if you want a showstopper - go fortuny. If you want something more practical, go cabas. Just my two cents! :whistle:
  5. I have to say i love chanel but i'm not a real fan of the patent cabas! I would definately go with the spy.

    Good luck
  6. thanks... yeah, i saw the fortuny bag this afternoon and it seems like i have to be really careful with it, which means, it can't be an everyday bag. As for chanel, i really like it but the prices have increased so much... :drool:
  7. I think the coco cabas is a bag you can use quite easily. The drawback of the fortuny to me was how delicate the leather appeared to me. I was afraid of scratching her, even more so than my normal nappas. I would pick a normal spy over the coco cabas. Between the hologram spy and the coco though, I'd pick the coco. Hope this helps! :heart:
  8. As an owner of a fortuny spy, it is delicate but it's so stunning that I still bought it. It's the only spy bag I had in mind and I'll use it every now and then. Even so, it's not that hard to care for and as long as you're not rough with it, using it like any normal bag is fine.
  9. I say no you shouldnt get it- cause she should sell it to ME! hehe.... I definitely say get this bag. I've had a cognac spy but sold it. I truly love this style in the sequin one and the hologram. I LOVE them. Get it get it!
  10. that got my attention, yes.. im getting it tomorrow.. will post pics as soon as i get it.
  11. Yay!
    You know where to turn if ya hate it later and she needs a new home! hehehe

    I cant wait to see pics. I just know you'll love it.
  12. ITA!! :yes:

  13. Ooooo any pics yet jsg?
  14. just got it, will post pics as soon as i have time...
  15. I cant wait! YAY! I love this bag. I so want one.