Hologram spy owners??

  1. I was just called from my SA that they have a hologram spy with braided handles in the bronze color. Is this an every day bag? How does it wear? There would be no shipping fee and no tax. I do love the look of it and would like everyone's opinion of it. Not sure what to do. :cry:
  2. NO TAX??!! BINGO! thats awesome! you can see me with mine in the "pics of your spy" thread. you have to be a little careful with it, but its lovely and i love it.. it gives the bad a lot of depth! I use it most days!:biggrin:
  3. What do you mean about careful with it? Does it stain easily or get marked up? Thanks
  4. it has fine laser cuts in it (thats what shows the turquoise underneath), so you dont want to scrape it against anything super rough.. but i suppose you wouldnt want to do that with any bag! heeee :yes:
  5. Does the gold/silver have the laser cuts? Is the bronze one limited edition?
  6. I do think the bronze is a limited (in that they wont be making anymore after this season)?? I dont know if the gold/silver also produces its hologram effect in the same way.
  7. Thanks! I think I will be buying it. I is such a great looking bag
  8. I LOVE IT!!!! post pix when u get it! :biggrin: :biggrin:
  9. I have the silver.gold one. It is like silver dye sponged OVER gold, so you see goldish beneath but the bag is mainly silver. It is matt, and doesn't look as fragile and the bronze hologram or gold.gold one.
  10. HI bagqueen...did you buy the bag eventually? I am thinking of buying one too.....but I heard that several people returned the bag to the new york store...the SA is being vague about reasons for returns.....any ideas why?