Hologram in medium flap

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  1. Hi,

    I just picked up my new medium classic flap from my friend ( he went to Paris for vacation and I asked him to help me purchase the bag).
    The bag was stunning and I really love it!! My concern is I couldn't find the hologram inside the bag. Can anybody tell me where the hologram is located?

  2. Try looking at all corners of the interior from every different angle. Mine is inside the main section, but mine's older, so maybe check in the pockets too? Do you have the authenticity card with it? The number on that should match the number on the hologram.
  3. I have the authencity card inside it. I just found the hologram. It's way smaller than I thought and it was at the very bottom. ahahahahaa... thank's a lot echo.. :smile:
  4. Yay! Glad you found it! Enjoy your flap!