hologram #, clue of production year?

  1. hey ladies,
    i was wondering if the hologram number is anything related to the year the chanel was produced... I have a medallion who's hologram number begins with 6.. can i find out when it was produced? thanks~
  2. I copied this from the tips on authenticating Chanel thread:

    These are Michele's quotes regarding authenticity numbers and corresponding years:

    Mostly, the hologram can indicate when the bag was produced.
    For example, if the hologram has 8 digits starting with a 10, its from 2005-2006.
    For the last couple of years, this method has been reliable:
    2006-2007 11
    2005-2006 10
    2004-2005 9 (7 digits)
    2003-2004 8
    2002-2003 7
    2001-2002 6
    etc, etc....
    The older chanel bags are a little more difficult. For example, the first holograms in the 80's started with a 0 and by the time the 1's came out it was already late 80's early 90's.
    A 10 (eight digit number was produced in 2005 and 2006. I have actually started to see a few 11's for fall season bags.
    So for 2006 You would see holograms with 8 numbers
    2005 - 7 numbers if its a nine
    9XXXXXX and 10XXXXXX
    2004 (7 numbers)
    etc, etc.... I think this is a pretty good method, until you get around the 2's and 3' and 4's. The first hologram started with a 0 (7 digit) number. The older chanel numbers are a little more tricky, because by the time the hologram had a 2 the bag was probably from the late 80's early 90's.

    Yours looks to be from 2001/2002!

  3. wow, this was really helpful! thanks so much, i didnt even know about this chart michele made.