Hollywould & tibi Sample Sale

  1. thanks for the info!!!

    finding out about these great sample sales makes me appreciate living 15 minutes away from nyc :smile:
  2. thank you so much for posting!
  3. You are most welcome. I so envy those of you who live in NY and can't benefit from these sales even if I cannot. Enjoy!:yahoo:
  4. Thanks so much! I can't wait! Anyone going on thursday...
  5. i wish i'm in nyc too! argh... i love tibi stuff.
  6. I went 2 years ago- the tibi was not great- just a few items from 2 years prior in really really small room! Hollywould had 10 shoe boxes!
  7. Oooh, Tibi. I think I have to go. I have a dress addiction!
  8. I wish I could go! I LOVE Tibi dresses!
  9. I love tibi! I wish I could go but I live in California...
    If anybody goes, let us know how it is so we can enjoy the sale through you!!!!
  10. is anyone going to this sale today?
  11. I might try to make it today! hmmm. But i also have that $50 gift card for customer appreciation from intermix too.. so i don' t know which store to goto.
  12. my friend went and said it was expensive and not that great skirts were around 150 and all clothing sample sized sz 4.