Hollywould Shoes?

  1. Does anyone have experience with this brand? I think her designs are really fun, but wondered about the comfort factor.
  2. I've tried on flats by this brand, and they seem comfy. That's all I can offer....
  3. Her shoes are so cute! But I've never tried them on. I haven't seen anywhere around here that sells them.
  4. For how much money Hollywoud charges, I would much rather have a pair of Jimmy Choos. I think she's overpriced.
  5. She has a comfort pad on the balls of her shoes. That said, I have ones that are more comfortable, but also shoes that are considerably less so. I do like the designs.
  6. I have one pair of ballet flat by them...really comfy....but I do think they are little bit overprice.
  7. Yes, yes! I love Hollywould. You should see my shoe collection, I have LOTS of Hollywould...her shoes are VERY cute and fun. I don't think they're overpriced at all for the comfort and quality you get. Personally, I would rather get a pair of Hollywoulds over Choos any day.
  8. Okay...Im once again a fashion ummmm nothing...I have never heard of Hollywood shoes???? Im so embarrassed!
  9. [​IMG]I LOVE THESE!!!
  10. seriously....I really need to block this website for awhile...since being on here I have spent a fortune...its like a personal shopping site..
  11. ^^ Oooh! Those are hot summer shoes!! They have that in silver too, yes?
  12. with turqiose beading...very cute..
  13. I have the gold ballet flats - very comfy but not much too them - pretty expensive but quality shoe!
  14. O:huh::huh:...Super cute Sunshine! :smile: