hollywould insane sale

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  1. I posted this in the shoes section, but forgot to mention it here. I

    It is online m-w, shoes and clothes 75% off

    and in the nolita store wednesday through saturday.
    December 13—16

    198 Elizabeth St., NoLita, NY, Clothing, shoes, and handbags!
    Day 1= 60% off
    Day 2= 70% off
    Day 3 & 4= 80% off
    One-of-a-kind samples and $25 and $50 bins! Cash and all major credit cards accepted.
  2. Oh My God
  3. This is great! Any free shipping coupons?

    Thanks in advance!
  4. whoooohoo!! ima go this weekend. thanks! :smile:
  5. Some of the clothes onoline are more than 75% off and 80% I wonder what the store is going to have. I love this outfit online and i don't think it willl go cheaper and i think imust order it now!!! because it will go fast! I want to check it out too!
  6. What are you ordering? I was going to order one of the skirts, but then I realized I was having sale fever because they were marked down from $1200 to $65. Which really is insane, innit?
  7. Does anyone know how Hollywould sizes run? Are they closer to American or Italian sizes?

    If someone has bought her items before and doesn't mind disclosing, could you please list what size you wear in her clothes along with what size you wear in a few other common designers?

    Sorry to be a pain, I have just been particularly frustrated this season finding that, for example, Vivian Westwood thinks I am a 38 while Prada thinks I am a 42. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
  8. I bought the black flirt skirt and the matching top. I'm not familiar with the clothes--only with the shoes, but I was told by a friend to expect the clothes to run true to size. I went by the European sizing, not the American sizing and figured if the items didn't fit, I'd list them on ebay, but I think they should fit. In terms of the shoes running true to size or not, I usually wear (in shoes) a 36, sometimes a 35.5 in an open shoe. In Hollywould I wear a 36 in the open shoes always. The closed shoes in 36 are a little too short for me, but not enough to go up a half size. So, I would say they run slightly smaller, but not by much--maybe a quarter-size if that much. I should add--I've been to the store sale. A two hour wait, a quota of 20 minutes max inside and total chaos. No clothes, just shoes and a few bags, at least then. I would never have gone back, even though I like the shoes, so I appreciated the online opportunity.
  9. I'd love some ballet flats! Maybe I'll find something perfect for my holiday travels.
  10. The insane sale over the summer was in a warehouse space down the street from the store and it was a breath of fresh air. There weren't any lines, there was room to try on shoes and there were also clothes.
    I'm hoping that the B&M store will have a bigger selection of shoes than the site. I have big, wide, flat feet and can't buy a shoe unless i've tried it on.
  11. How are the clothes? I figure for the price - they must be good. I've just never seen them IRL.

  12. Too late for me... nothing left in size 34... oh well.. better luck next time.
  13. oh.my.god
  14. Some of those deals on the clothes are amazing, but I'm a little gunshy on sizing.
  15. I am going to cry, what i wanted to order at first went through and then they said the size was no longer available