Hollywould for Target Pumps- $7.50!

  1. Woohoo! Didn't thnk that I really liked the Hollywould for Target much (especially at the original prices), but was in Target today, so I took a look. Don't really like any of the handbags nor most of the shoes. BUT I found a pair of the patent closed toe black pumps for $7.50 (figured that these would be great going out/"grummy" shoes). And the best part? I got home and cruised online- this same shoe is listed with a sales price of $21. How sweet is that?! Be sure to check your local Target before purchasing online :woohoo:
  2. Boo hoo - I don't have a local Target!!!!
  3. Thanks...great to know! I'll have to hit Target tomorrow with my Christmas gift card...
  4. Darn! The closest Target is like two hours away : (
  5. Target has had some great discounted stuff lately.
  6. Bah! The cute bow-backed ones are still $21!
  7. These were about $15 at our Target tonight.