Hollywould for Target, bags 30% off

  1. Just letting everyone know that the limited edition Hollywould for Target line is going to be leaving stores shortly. Bags are currently 30% off of original price. At my local Target stores there were several left, so maybe we can expect another markdown?
    I didn't buy one, but I do own the Devi Kroell tote - it's a great drunk knockaround bag. =)
  2. On the website they're now 50% off, which makes for a really awesome deal. They have them in black, brown, and denim on the website, and I think they only had denim in the stores. I wish I knew what the black and brown looked like in person though! Because they are really cheap :smile:
  3. ^ I have not seen the denim in stores, only brown and black. Haha.
    They look relatively good, I mean really good for Target bags - but relatively good for a bag. You can pretty much tell that the bags arn't leather though, I don't know if that would bother anyone?
  4. They are 75% off now, so I just picked up two different styles.

    For $10 & $7.50, you just really can't go wrong!
  5. i like the satin ones. I'll take a look! thanks for posting :tup:
  6. Is the 75% off only online? I checked out a Target tonight in Fort Myers, and the bags were still 30% off...!