Hollywood's Near Death Experiences

  1. Love and Her Drugs

    Just four hours after being released on bail in 2003 for drug charges, Courtney Love overdosed on Oxycontin and had to be rushed to the hospital. This wasn’t the last of her drug woes, but happily, Love now seems to have cleaned up her act.

    Scared Straight

    Rachel Bilson admits to being a mischievous teen, but all that ended when she was 14 and involved in an L.A. car accident on PCH that left her unconscious for three days. Despite a scar, migraines and memory loss, the O.C. hottie is doing okay today and staying out of trouble.

    Keanu's Need for Speed

    Keanu Reeves likes to go on “demon rides,” (no motorcycle headlights at night). On one such wild ride in 1988, he crashed on the windy roads of Topanga Canyon and suffered several broken ribs and a ruptured spleen. We’re glad he’s still with us, since no one can diffuse a bomb on a bus quite like he can.

    Keanu Makes a Lousy Costar

    In a pay-it-forward kind of move, Keanu passed his near-death experience on to Rachel Weisz during the 2005 Constantine production. For an exorcism scene where Reeves had to hold Weisz underwater, the director told Reeves, “Don’t go easy on her.” And he held her past the point of acting to the point of near drowning. Seriously close call.

    Evangeline Almost Lost

    Evangeline Lilly almost died during a mountain-climbing excursion last year. During her descent, she was sliding down on her bottom when her legs got caught in a crevasse, leaving her dangling. Thankfully, she's doing all right now, 'cause she can still pull off all the rigorous stunts on Lost.

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  2. Better at Comedy than Racing

    While practicing for a charity race earlier this year, comedian Eddie Murphy crashed a $1.5 million Ferrari Enzo into a wall. Griffin saw his life flash before his eyes but survived the crash without a scratch. The Ferrari, sadly, was not so lucky.

    How Not to Workout

    Martin Lawrence made the unwise decision to go jogging in heavy layers of clothing in 100-degree temps and suffered heat exhaustion. After recovering from a three-day coma and a body temperature of 107 degrees, he was ready to focus on his most challenging movie yet—Big Momma’s House.

    Cameron's Moving Target

    You've heard about the surfing accidents, perhaps? Well, poor Cam seems to attract danger, like the bird that flew through the windshield while she was being driven to a U.K. movie set. Her chauffeur is credited with saving her life.

    Boy George, Disco Survivor

    Despite everything Boy George has done for music, a 62-pound disco ball still tried to kill the singer. It missed his head but bruised a shoulder during a 1998 rehearsal. Like any good performer, the show went on later that night, and the singer still continues to entertain us today with odd fashion choices.

    Hollywood Agents Save Lives

    Star reps aren’t always the sharks people make them out to be. Lucky for Ocean’s 13 cougar Ellen Barkin, one happened to be present when she nearly choked at an L.A. restaurant. The agent administered the Heimlich maneuver and resuscitated her—to the relief of her own agent, no doubt.
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