Hollywood's Cutest Kid

  1. Who you do think is the cutest?

    For me, I am thinking it's Suri or DannyLynn.
  2. Suri!!! I adore that cute lil girl. :amuse:
  3. Shiloh Nouvel
  4. I actually think David Letterman's little boy Harry is adorable. He should at least be on the list.

  5. It'shard to say, but I would probably say Shiloh Nouvel (she looks a lot like my own daughter who was born a few days before her) and Kingston Rossdale,who was born 7 a few days after my daughter.
    Suri and DannieLynn are cuties too.
  6. My vote is also for Shiloh! she's gorgeous just like her mom and pop!
  7. Shiloh!
  8. Shiloh and Harry (Dave Letterman's) both are soooo cute!!!
  9. definitely Shiloh and Kingston!!!
  10. Mariska Hargitay's (sp?) son is GORGEOUS!
  11. Suri is too cute!!!
  12. Shiloh and Kingston ! :yes:
  13. SHILOH!! and Mason (Melissa Joan Hart's son)
  14. Definitely Shiloh!
  15. can someone post up pics of these kids so we can all see?