Hollywood Stars & Their Silver-Screen Doubles

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    Pouting girls with pearl earrings: Uber-blondes Scarlett Johansson and 20th-century icon Marilyn Monroe

    Moving in High Society: The majestic Helen Mirren and actress Celeste Holm

    Everyone wants to be Cary Grant: Oceans star George Clooney is the 21st-century version of the debonair movie icon
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    Clowning around: Robbie Williams and knockabout comedian Norman Wisdom
    They'll always be Funny Girls: Friends star Jennifer Aniston and diva Barbra Streisand, who graduated to Funny Lady
    Same Chanel: Present and past faces of Chanel No 5, Nicole Kidman and Catherine Deneuve
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    Classic beauties: Hollywood royalty Gwyneth Paltrow and real royalty, Princess Grace
    My Fair Lady: Tom Cruise's wife Katie Holmes, and the original beauty Audrey Hepburn

    Six degrees of separation: Who can link Mystic River star Kevin Bacon to actor Chuck Connors?
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    Gents-about-town: Withnail And I star Richard E. Grant and the urbane David Niven
    Going platinum: Singer Christina Aguilera and vamp Jean Harlow, sex symbol of the 1930s

    Here The Mail pays tribute to the silver screen icons and some of their modern-day lookalikes...
  5. Katie Holmes and George Clooney has the most presence alike as their silver screen doubles.
  6. God! George Clooney really does look like Cary Grant!
  7. Great thread and great pics! Really love it.
  8. great thread prada!! thanks for the pics!!!
  9. wow, george cloony looks a LOT like cary grant.
  10. I never realized how much George and Cary looked alike.

    I agree with the Scarlett and Marilyn comparison as well. It seems like so many yound starlets trying to follow in her blond bombshell footprints.
  11. Great Post..
  12. I really enjoyed this post - thanks Prada's Meadow! :flowers:
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  14. Very cool! got anymore?
  15. Wow, those are good. Robbie Williams/Norman Wisdom is funny!
    Thanks for posting Prada.