Hollywood Partner Swapping

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  1. it makes you wonder if they all know each other.
  2. probably..
  3. interesting, it's like high school.
  4. eeeeeeeeeeeeeek
  5. wow thats crazy! x
  6. I guess that means they all have the same std's.
  7. ^Yep. I hope those girls are getting their Gardisil shots!
  8. I'm sure it's difficult to do so (easier said than done), but if I were a celebrity I would date outside of Hollywood and the whole celebrity circuit.
  9. haha That is soo weird. haha Bu ti guess their all in the same clique and go to the same events.. so i can see it happening for sure haha
  10. I don't think Criss Angel was actually WITH any of these women. He just wishes.
  11. gucci fan">
    LOL! My thoughts exactly