Hollywood Flap yes/no

  1. Hi happy holidays to everyone did anyone see or ge;)t this bag thanks :smile:
  2. I saw this in the gold/bronze last week and its gorgeous, but the price...$3250 CDN + taxes is kind of steep for something so seasonal!!!
  3. you dont think you can wear it all year it looks kinda basic :smile:
  4. yesssssssssssssss a definite yes...my new obsession I love mine to bitsssss!
  5. it hasn't caught my eye so far
  6. Has anyone a pic of the bag in black/silver?

  7. I'll see if I can find a pic, but wow this bag is a stunner!!!!
  8. Definitely NO for me. Not my style...:smile:
  9. i saw it .. it's a really cute bag -"carrie" uses it in the upcoming satc movie - it's not really my style, but it the bronze/gold combo is so glam...
  10. i love it but too expensive!
  11. I heart this bag! It's not my style, since I don't like bling and usually stick with muted colors, but when I saw this IRL and tried it on, I fell in love!
  12. i was head over heels for the silver flap and tried it on me in both the tote and flap styles. my SA gave me a nay. i don't think they look great on me either.. somehow it looks weird. it's too much bling irl as well, not really my style!
  13. i'd love to see a pic ~ i don't think i've seen this one