Hollywood Exes vh1

  1. LOL, That is the one truth in life, working out can get you a great body, when god skimps on the rest

  2. That's the story they "tell", in real life the story is that they all knew each other, Sheree confided in Jada about her failing marriage and Jada used those confidences to steal Will away, ala Misa Hylton-Brim, Kim Porter and P. Diddy
  3. I watched the first episode and fell in love with Andrea Kelly R. Kellys Ex.

    She is funny!!! "Shut the door and check yo'email!'
  4. I need funky Dineva to do a "my baby hair is laid like Andrea Kelly" video! Pronto..
  5. Yes gawd
  6. Dang, she missed out.! Like EnVouge said girl, HOLD ON To Your Love!
  7. I just started watching the pilot and can I just say Nicole Murphy looks amazing! Until now I only saw candids of her and thought she looked pretty manly but damn, waht a beauty. Andrea is cute and her backside deserves its own show.
  8. It can be sponsored by Ampro
  9. I read an interview with Sheree about this show. She said that out of respect she told Will she was doing the show. They followed up and asked if she spoke to Jada as well and her answer was no, like why would she need to?
  10. I couldn't agree more! Nicole just commands your attention when she's on the screen. Nicole and Andrea- in such incredible shape after all the children they have had!
  11. When does the show air? I keep missing it..but I expected they would replay over and over

  12. Monday's 10pm
  13. Wednesdays, I thought. A new epi didn't air tonight, did it?
  14. I think I saw a quick ad for Wednesday as well. I fell asleep on Single Ladies ;) so I didnt even make it to 10 o'clock to see...:biggrin:

  15. Yes