Hollywood Exes vh1

  1. Isn't she though. I think all humor with her personality is hiding a lot of the pain he went thru with r. Kelly.
    But she is a riot.

  2. Andrea, Jessica and Nicole were on Wendy yesterday....Jose kept of book of ALL of the women he slept/cheated with while with Jessica...she had the nerve to say, that's been years ago, he and her are now buddies. I was like WTH! I don't think so.
  3. She had a great personality on Wendy yesterday also.
  4. Mayte seems really sweet. I hope she finds a nice man, has a healthy baby and lives a great life.
  5. i like Mayte too ... i hope she finds happiness.

    Andrea is cute and funny, i like her too.

    on the fence about Nicole (except for the fact that she's stunningly beautiful and Eddie Murphy is a idiot).

    but Sheree ... hhhhmmm, she's been divorced from Will for 17 years after only a three year marriage. and she's remarried. yet she's still holding on to that "i'm the ex-wife of a movie star" crap? she needs to let that one go. and she's a little too uptight for this crowd of women.

    Jessica - she's just a fool, the more she's on the show the more i think she's just a stupid fool.
  6. Was sheree married to Will before he became "will smith, the megastar"?
  7. Yes I agree.

    I like the other gals. I think Eddie Murphy's ex is a stunning gal,
    Its weird for them to say they don't want to be in their husbands shadow, yet the concept of the show is being married even if it was years ago to someone who was higher profile than them.
  8. Yeah, but I think it was during the latter yrs of "The Fresh Prince of Bel Air".
  9. Fresh Prince started in 1990 (same year he declared bankruptcy and IRS took all his stuff). They married in 1992

    I am sure her alimony was not as large as it could have been if she stuck it out.

    Bad Boys was 1995
    Independence Day 1996
    Men in Black 1997
  10. I think she was his longtime girlfriend before he made it big- like high school sweethearts. Plus she and he have a son together, his oldest boy.
  11. I heard on the radio today, a snipped of an old, unreleased track from Will Smith. That track appeard to be talking about the ex wife and her preacher boyfriend/husband...
  12. I did not know Jessica's ex is Dr. Garth Fisher. I plan on using him for my breast lol after I have kids lol
  13. Eddie Murphy's ex wife is probably one of the most gorgeous women I've seen.
    She doesn't behave so thou...She is humble but too humble.... Don't know how to explain it. Like she does not believe thats she's stunning.

    Prince's ex wife is sooooooo pretty and sweet. She's really a flower. I wish her to find a nice man to make her happy.
  14. i think she said they met at a casting call for the show.

    it just seems that she's been divorced from him a lot longer than she was ever with him. yes, they have a child together and that binds them but since she's been remarried quite a while don't you think she'd let the whole "i'm his ex-wife thing go?"
  15. Jada Pinkett was the one who met him on the set of the Fresh Prince, I think.