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  1. Just catching up with this show.

    Sheree has no place here, I fail to understand why a woman in her position would want to be a part of this show. If she's so desperate to get on TV go ahead an set up 'First Ladies of Zion' or something of that ilk. She's like a square peg trying to fit in a round hole - ain't gonna fit.

    Jessica is a complete idiot - did she really think that little gem of information was not going to come out at the slightest provocation. Why she decided the share that with them is beyond me, it's not like they are besties. Drea was dead wrong though, but lets face it - someone was bound to bring it up sooner or later.

  2. Very well said!
  3. ^thanks.
  4. Just watched the epi where they went to Napa valley, i loved, loved, loved Jessicas maxi dress and Nicoles cardi that they were wearing when travelling on the plane, if anyone has an ID on either item then pleasssse post! TIA
  5. Jessica was over the top with the meat thing, she was a hot drunk mess, not feeling her at all
  6. i haven't liked Jessica from the first episode, i think she's pretty classless and not very bright. Sheree should have just left it alone, taken the high road and not argued with her. but i don't think too highly of Sheree either. i think she's condesending with her religious beliefs.
  7. Andrea is hilarious, i like her the best. But i guess i was the only one that found 'Wolverine' attractive... :blush:
  8. I used to work out here. I never saw her but my trainer has and said she is gorgeous and the nicest person.
  9. Ugh Jessica was SO annoying with that 'hypocritical' talk all because the ladies were discussing ordering meat for their dinner! I mean i am a vegetarian and i will not mind if others choose to eat meat, that is their prerogative, and usually it is the other way round and i am stuck with the fools that say "why are you a vegetarian? you are not saving any animals by not eating meat. blah, blah, blah" and i know how annoying it is so i can see why Sheree lost her cool with her, but still- her retaliation comment was BELOW THE BELT and seriously uncalled for, she showed herself to be untrustworthy and not a good friend, for sure somebody that i would not confide in...
    PS- Jessica is an idiot, does she not realise that lobster is cruelly BOILED ALIVE so eating ANY living creature makes HER the hypocrit IMO. Meat is meat is meat...
  10. so if jessica loves animals so much does she not have bags and shoes made from leather ?
  11. Andrea is my favorite and so is Nicole, she seems sweet.
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    i don't think its right to tell people what they should and should not eat. Jessica needs to have a seat!

    but Drea shouldn't have brought up the A-argument. Low blow
  13. What do you all think about last night's episode? I 100% feel Mayte's pain, I to want a husband and baby and time is ticking, but what Jessica did is none of her business. I don't believe Jessica's apology was sincere, but IMO Mayte was a little over the top.
  14. I definitely believe that Jessica's past and circumstances has nothing to do with Mayte. I think she needs to see someone because she has some misplaced anger. I feel bad for her, but don't take it on the person that has nothing to do with it.

    However, Jessica still doesn't have a clue.
  15. These ladies need to talk and drink water, not alcohol. Anytime alcohol is involved, the conversations always get messy.

    Mayte is mad at Prince and taking it out on Jessica. I don't believe for her apology was sincere. But, I do believe that if Mayte was so upset, she could have called Jessica and they could have talked one-on-one. No need for the peanut gallery.

    Percy is giving me H.U.D vibes. Andrea seems clueless.