Hollywood Exes vh1

  1. http://www.vh1.com/shows/hollywood_exes/series.jhtml

    Hollywood Exes is a docu-series that delves deep into the lives of a group of women who are separated from some of the most famous men in America. Simply put, these girls are starting over. They all divorced young and got married even younger so now is when they need each other's backs the most. And from raising kids to starting up a new business ... these women are ready to tackle a VERY busy year.

    At a glance, all these girls are at a different phase in their relations with their exes. Some have remained friends while others can't even say their names out loud, but either way, the girls have the support of each other to fall back on. These women aren't exactly new acquaintances either. Some have known each other even before they were married so there is clearly a strong sisterhood within the group dynamic.

    More than anything, this series will prove that through the struggles of a high profile divorce and separation, these women can emerge from the shadows of their ex-;husbands' fame and fortune, and show the world that they're not just a trophy wife with a pretty face. This fabulous group's quest is to establish themselves as independent, successful women and bring relevance, honor and fame to themselves separate from their exes... even if there happens to be some drama along the way.
  2. Eddie Murphy's ex wife is on here.
  3. Premieres 6/27
  4. I'll be watching. For reasons that are still unclear to me.
  5. These women were married to some real money (except for one ex gf). Jose Canseco, Will Smith, R. Kelly and Eddie Murphy. I hope to see lots of eye candy and no ratchedness!
  6. I'm right there with ya lol
  7. Me too....I did not know that R. Kelly's ex wife was so unfortunate on the eyes.....
  8. LOL! Same here!

    BTW, your posts crack me up! I've been wanting to tell you for a while how funny you are!
  9. I'll give it a try
  10. I'll likely watch. But the title of this show is what Basketball Wives should have been called. :/
  11. Should be interesting, however at some point it will get catty, gather a group of scorned, emotionally damaged women who dont have to actually work for a living, combine them with liquor and it will get catty no matter how wealthy or classy they appear, RHBH taught us this
  12. Amen!
  13. yeah, me too.

    and Eddie Murphy's ex is stunning.

    i hope this doesn't turn into a bunch of women screaming and acting foolish, a la Basketball Wives.

  14. It's on VH1; that network only shows bafonery. Shows on vh1, that are not bafonery have been canceled.

  15. :roflmfao: me either.

    i'll be watching too