hollywood collection question...

  1. Sooo my SA at Saks called me about the hollywood flap...but she said its the silver color?

    Is there more than one color shade in the hollywood flap? And is there more than one size/style for the flap design in the hollywood collection?

    I thought there was just 2 styles...flap and the hobo and just one shade...that gradient color?

    Any help would be great!!!


    I wanted the one Sarah Jessica Parker was seen wearing where she had it messenger style too?
  2. there are gold and silver colors for the hollywood. SJP was spotted in the small gold HW flap! ;) there are 2 shades - gold on black and silver on black. and yes they are in gradient effect.

    there are 2 sizes for the flaps - small and large if i am not wrong, and there's the tote. i'll be dropping by the boutique to check them out tomorrow, that's if they're still there LOL! i'm just worried that the metallic gradient will fade in time to come due to 'rubbing' and wear and tear...
  3. ^^ohhh okay, thanks!!

    anyone have pics of the small and the larger flap??

    i wonder if the strap length for both is the same too or longer on the larger flap?

    id love to see pics of the flap in silver too...need to decide between silver and gold =)