Hollywood Beauty Secrets

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  1. Does anyone have this book? I just got it in the mail today, only read a few pages so far. It looks intersting:yes:
  2. Who is it by? Sounds interesting. Any great pointers? :smile:
  3. Tell us more.
  4. It is by Kym Douglas and Cindy Pearlman. Its has some interesting tidbits...
    Stars stay thin after having a baby by apparently eating bohemian baby food..if you are hungry suck on a menthol flavored lozenge..instead of diet soda, drink 1 liter of water filled with 2 packets of emergen-c
    There is so much more about beauty tricks, I haven't read the entire book yet.
  5. ooo sounds REALLY interesting.. tell us more when u get more stuff
  6. some of this can't be healthy!
  7. A lot of it doesn't sound too healthy, but they do have some things that seem fine. I already drink the emergen-c's but not in place of diet soda (i hate soda especially diet), more so to stay healthy.

    Coconut oil is uppose to be good for your hair before washing it.
    Philosophy's hope in a jar is suppose to be really good...I'll have to buy some.
  8. i read how great hope in a jar is too but i didn't really care for it..idk nothing happened, good or bad to my skin

    if i tried to diet on baby food, i wouldn't last a day... i'd be starving!
  9. I agree, baby food for a diet choice seems gross! I'd rather just pop diet pills and drink coffee than go the baby food route.
    P.S. I don't pop diet pills thus far, I just meant doing that in place of baby food if I were to get that desperate...:p
  10. Diet pills and coffee, you know that could have you a heart attack most likely.

  11. Most definitely!! Thats why i said if I were desperate. Since I only have about 6 lbs to lose, I would never go to that extreme...EEKS! Good old fashioned exercise and watching what I eat is the way to go:wlae:
  12. some actress was trying to lose 10lbs for her wedding... went overboard dieting and died!
    its funny but when i had an eating problem it started when i only had a few more lbs left to lose.. i wound up looking truly disgusting from diet pills and coffee..and i'm lucky i didn't die too!
  13. As I am reading this, I am eating a big fat piece of cake...it is truly yummy! I certainly didn't mean i would 'kill' myself with coffee and diet pills..it was more of a metaphor...But, since there are so many people out there dying to be thin, literally, I guess I should watch what I type.
  14. I have to agree, I got a sample from Sephora and I'll be buying some soon. Very light and spreads well.