1. Does anybody watch this? Fridays episode was so good!

    I hate Clare so much!
  2. I LOVED this show when I lived in the UK....that and Eastenders. I was a die hard. :sad: I MISS IT!
  3. lol I thought Friday's episode was like that Simpsons episode with Who Shot Mr. Burns? :biggrin:
  4. OMG claire is sooooooo bad, But I :heart: her, I really hope she doesnt die
  5. I'm having trouble following the story lines so I guess I need to watch more.
  6. Ive just read this:
    Police have arrested Devon Anderson, who used to play Sonny Valentine in Hollyoaks, on suspicion of rape. The actor was at Gatecrasher in Leeds last Friday when he met the girl who's accused him and a friend.
  7. ^^^
    oh my god!!! i can't believe that!
  8. I love Hollyoaks! watch it all the time. can't belive the news about Devon Anderson.
  9. I loved this show!!!
  10. soooooo glad that Max and OB got Tom back!!!
  11. I cant wait to see Louis crash Mercedes wedding and try to save Warren from prison!
  12. ^^^
    I cant wait either, i hate Mercedes!! can't wait to see her get whats coming to her!!
  13. ^^I think its tomorrows episode. I heard that Louise and Warren get it together later on in the year.
  14. ^^^
    aww, i wanted Calvin to forgive her and take her back! Calvin is so hot, i love him!