Holly Valance - CBS All-Star party

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  2. omg she is so beautyful!
  3. She is very pretty.
  4. ahhh havent heard anything about her in a long time.

    She sure is pretty :smile:
  5. She's gorgeous!
  6. She's very stunning!!!
  7. Anybody reember the kiss kiss song?
  8. Hey ladies
    Lovely icons! She's so stunning.
  9. I never hear of her, but she is very striking!!!!
  10. Who is she?
  11. She is an Australian actress who did ok here on a tv soap. Then she released a few songs I think and took off to the US for work. I think she has done a few bit parts in tv shows over there. Honestly I wouldn't have thought she was interesting or famous enough to be on TPF.
  12. She is very hot!!!
  13. she appeared on csi for 2 minutes as a dead person i think. she is so pretty and i love that kiss kiss song. haha. that seems ages ago.
  14. you all are so funny
  15. I have no idea who she is...but she's really pretty.