Holly Madison Confirms Baby Plans

  1. PLAYBOY boss Hugh Hefner, 81 says he and girfriend Holly Madison, 28, are having fertillity treatment in the hope of having a baby together. How nice! Hefner has fathered four children and two marriages, first to follow college student Mildred Williams and then to Kimberly Conrad, a former 'Playmate of the Year' from whom he is separated. 'Hef' who admits to currently having two girlfriends besides Miss Madison, who moved into the Playboy mansion in 2001 says: 'I love Holly the most. Five or six years ago. she was simply one of the seven girlfriends, but I feel deeply in love with her. She's the relationship that will last the rest of my life.'

    - Scottish Daily Mail

  2. :roflmfao: she is such a fool.

    and what does she expect next from Hef? marriage? :lol:

    there are still girls in middle school who are soon going to be Hef's next girlfriend when they get older...
  3. I love Holly, congrats

  4. That is so cute lol
  5. I love Holly too (she's my fave Girl Next Door), an Astoria native, she seems to really love Hef. Good luck to her baby plans!
  6. that's really sweet. i think they're a cute couple. i think hef realized that he doesn't have much more time left so if he is gonna have a baby, no better time than the present. Congrats to them!

  7. lmao:roflmfao:
  8. I think Ms. Madison should push for Hef to get legally divorced before having his baby out of wedlock. . . just my opinion ;)
  9. she finally convinced him! More power to them I guess....
  10. I wonder what Bridget & Kendra have to say about it though...

    But imo, Holly is after his money, as is Kendra. Not to sure about Bridgete, although I think she just does the whole 'Girlfriend' thing to be one step closer to be a Playmate.
  11. I guess they both hear their clocks ticking, tick tock tick tock.....

  12. I agree, if anything happens to the old man....how many kids does he already have? then his wife...and his family
  13. OMG! Wow! I didn't think Hef would ever agree! I think it's sweet, but my OH thinks it is just horrible that the child probably won't have a father for most of it's life.
  14. I think that Holly is just sealing her fortune....errr ummmm....I mean future! Lol! She is a very smart young woman and is being groomed to take over Playboy and if she has his kid, that will "seal the deal". Whether or not they are married.
  15. If Hef and Holly married, would Kendra and Bridget continue to be girlfriends or do you think Holly would insist that Hef get rid of them?

    In the episodes that I've seen, it seems like Holly is devoted to Hef and really loves him. If she wants a baby by him, I see nothing wrong with that.