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  1. So I was in Hollister yesterday (they had some really cute cropped cargos and tank tops) and for the life of me I cannot figure out why the music in there is so damn loud?! I could not even hear the sales assistant and she could barely hear me! They need to change the name of the store to HOLLA-ster. No I am not getting old - I worked in the music business for some 15 plus years but I gotta say, even when I was a teen working in an actual music store, we never played the music so loud that we could not hear our customers! Of course, when the store was empty, that was another story....;)

    Does this bother anyone else? And are all HOLLA-sters like this?
  2. Its the same thing at the Hollisters by me. And on top of not being able to hear, you can't see what your looking at cause its so dark in there.
  3. ^^^yes! that too! whats up with that? they want you to be deaf and blind?
  4. All Hollisters, Abercrombies & abercrombie (the kids store) have blaring music. I forget the exact reason for it, but every store I worked at had the have the music up to a certain volume (it's supposed to be between 80-85 dcb). Our sound system had a little notch on it that the dial had to be on. I think it had to do with preventing people (particularly groups of teens) from staying in the store too long, but that might not be exactly right.

    It used to give me killer headaches by the end of my shift though. Ugh.
  5. My daughter loves Hollister so I try to stop in whenever I am near one (2 hours away is the closest). My first time, I couldn't even find the way into the store! :lol: The music is always loud and the store is so dang dark, I'm amazed anybody can see anything in there. It's my least favorite store to go into.
  6. LOL I think its official store policy so they can exude "coolness" ... I've refused to set foot in there after HS. Our Hollister/AnF is usually chock fully of bratty high schoolers who think AnF is the ultimate sign of status :Push:
  7. Loud and deafening in Canada land too !! But the clothes are cute.
  8. Its definetly one of my least favorite too. I like loud music and all but when I'm trying to look at something its very annoying having the music blasting.

    I find it funny too when I go in there during the winter and its freezing outside and yet all the employees are wearing summer clothes like its 90 degrees and sunny.
  9. It's worse in the summer when it's 90 degrees out & they have to wear the winter line.
  10. LOL Thats the way it is here too.
  11. Yes. I'm glad you pointed this out b/c I thought it was just me! I have even avoided going in there b/c my head hurts when I come out. :lol: I can't concentrate on what I may want to buy.
  12. yep, the music is super blasting. I cant stay in there for too long!

    as far as hollister clothes, I dont think it's worth it to purchase thier clothes b/c the quality of thier stuff arent that great, its a lil pricey!
    It's like purchasing an old navy quality shirt for 5x the price!
  13. Hollister stores are so dark, most of the time I don't even know what I'm looking at because the lighting is so bad :rolleyes: Not that it matters, anyway. I can't even fit a butt cheek into their pants. I usually wear a size small or a medium in tees, but I barely fit into a Hollister large :shocked:
  14. not a fan.
  15. I'm definitely not a fan of Hollister or AnF clothes. Althouh i love the music in those stores (may be im the only one) .