1. does hollister run true to size?

  2. They run a bit smaller than AF if that helps. I used to always go one size up in Hollister when I used to shop there.
  3. I think they run small. If it helps at all, i'm a size 4 in American Eagle jeans, and I couldn't even squeeze my butt into an 8 at Hollister!
  4. I don't even try to wear pants at Hollister, if you're on the thin side you could do fine. I size up for shirts, and depending on the cut - as in, is it babydoll? straight? a Tshirt? Etc...some of their stuff fits differently. I mostly prefer AF out of those two brands but they keep jacking up their prices so ugh.
  5. I find Hollister to run kind of small.
    I don't really shop there anymore, because the pants are too big on me and I'm in between shirt sizes. Candace is right...there stuff does fit differently. I can fit into an XS in t shirts but need a medium in polos. Awkward.
  6. they run very small...I can do ok with the tops I either wear a medium or small but the jeans are terrible to get in unless your rail thin and have no butt or hips... def. made for the tennie bopper body.
  7. I agree. It does run small, IMO. Definitely size up.
  8. Hollister definitely runs very small. I usually wear an M or L, and I can't fit into their XLs (if you find any).
  9. Hollister runs small. I'm usually a XS or S and am lucky if a M at Hollister fits well.
  10. I wear a XS or S, and I wear a S at Hollister. For pants, I wear a 0 or 2 but usually I wear a 2 at Hollister because I have long legs. I find the length for 2's a littler longer.
  11. The tops run small, their XSmalls seem like they're made for an 11 year old! (which they probably are) But their bottoms are more true to size
  12. Their jeans are teeeeeeeny, not true to size for me at all! The fleece & sweaters fit a little small, t-shirts are TTS, tanks fit small.
  13. :wtf:I'm a size 0/2 but when I went to try on a pair of shorts there - I swear I was about to develop a complex because I had to go a couple sizes up. Definitely not Boob or Butt friendly!
  14. Hollister does run small. I only get tops from there but I always get large since they run small. I don't have jeans from there but my mom who is a size 4/6 tried a pair of theirs on and she couldn't get into a 9 so that should tell you something.