Hollister or Abrecrombie coupons?

  1. Does anyone know if there are any Hollister or Abrecrombie coupons for instore on online?
  2. Discount codes and coupons are VERY hard to come by for both A&F and Hollister. In fact, I am not sure they even exist since I've never seen a place during the A&F/H checkout where you can actually enter in any promotional codes. I wish they offered discounts, though -- free shipping for online orders would be really nice!
  3. have you guys tried going to the A&F and Hollister outlets?? the prices are cheap!!!
  4. where are their outlets?
  5. I worked at A&F for 4 years and we never ever had coupons. I did go to an A&F outlet in VA Beach at Lynnhaven mall and everything was like $20 and under.
  6. We have an Hollister and AnF outlet in Milpitas CA. i always get great deals.

    thanks all for the info on the coupons. i did stop at the mall today and while i was at hollister paying for my items i asked if there were any coupons and there were NONE...booo....i do wish that there online sites had free shipping
  7. I had an A&F coupon once for $25 off $100 purchase. It was a long time ago tho around christmas.
  8. I haven't seen coupons in ever.. but a long, long time ago they had this promotion at Abercrombie kids where if you spend $75 dollars, they'd give you a gift card for $50 (somewhere valued around there) for your next purchase.

    That's about all I've seen for promos.
  9. There is an Abercrombie&Fitch and an abercrombie outlet at Jersey Gardens Mall (Elizabeth, NJ).
  10. The outlet I go to is in Ontario Mills (Ontario,CA)..they have the A&F, abercrombie (kids), and Hollister outlet there.
    There's an A&F outlet up in norcal too.