Holla if you love VERT MENTHE!

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  1. Um... I can't believe we don't have a club for this luscious chameleon green yet!

    So I'll be the first. Post pics of your lovely Vert Menthe, ladies!

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  2. Oh no, not a Vert Menthe club. I can't take the temptation.

    glendaplease, your Work is stunning.

    Now I'm out of here [​IMG]
  3. Here's my contribution! Love my VM every day more!!

    VM rh city with Vert de Gris leather jacket


  4. :lol: I'm with you on this one, Livia!

    Congrats again glenda! VM is simply gorgeous!
  5. Oooh, VM + VDG... :drool: Beautiful!!! Okay, now I'm really outta here!
  6. Here's mine!

    Presenting Vert Menthe RGGH Day
  7. Holla!! I'll post pics of my RH City later!
  8. Some more pics of Miss VM. Holla!

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  9. Don't think I posted here yet Here is my work. :hbeat:

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  10. Oh wow :girlsigh:

    I have a feeling I'll regret not getting something in this colour :smash:
  11. So pretty!

  12. Great thread...Presenting my VM in first... it holds a ton!

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  13. Ooooh! Beautiful! First time I've seen one in a First!
  14. Thank you Glendaplease, your work is lush too, more leather to love....
  15. Wow these are beauties!!