Holiest of Holy Grail scarf....and a few issues

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  1. I'm in love! My Holiest of Holy Grail scarf has arrived and I'm in love. No question about it. I will frame this one and it will hang beautifully in my foyer.

    HOWEVER. Being the age that it is and obviously well loved and used it has its share of "issues" which I knew about from the start.

    Some color runs from the rose-colored areas of the print (these are not streaks but very light blotches here and there), flat hems and an overall perfumey aroma. Flat hems don't bother me since the piece will be framed and I know the perfumey aroma will go away after a nice bath but I'm not sure what can be done about the blotches. Now....I could easily frame this piece as is and to my eye these issues would just add to the charm of it.

    BUT, I'd like to know if the colors might run more if I give the scarf a good bath myself OR if you think I should send it to the scarf place in NYC (name escapes me at the moment) and leave it in their professional hands? It really could use a good overall cleaning.......and I could do it myself but I'm concerned about it being color-fast.

    What would you recommend?

  2. I would send to a professional- it's your grail baby!
  3. E......do you remember the name of the place in NYC? Madame something-or-other.......
  4. sm,
    from hflnn's thread.
  5. Yep, that's the one.
  6. can't we see it???
  7. Scarf pic
  8. yeah, SM, scarf pictures!!
  9. Pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Wow, congratulations.
    What is the name of the scarf?
  11. Show us the scarf! Show us the scarf! If anything, just to see your grail!!!!!
  12. You mean, if just to see THIS WEEK'S grail!!!
  13. Thank you everyone! The name of the scarf is "Comedie Italienne". And I can post a pic just as soon as my internet service is back up at home. For the next few days I'll be on-line at my office only.......ugh.

    I think I'll send it off to Madame Paulette's and see how it looks when it comes back. By the time it's been cleaned, matted and framed this baby will have cost me a small fortune!!! But honestly, I just adore it. And if one day I run across another, I'll buy it and wear that one!!! LMAO!!!

  14. LMAO!!!! So true, HG......I've been on the hunt for more old grails....but I seem to be getting pickier and pickier in my old age!!!!
  15. WooHoo......I'm able to use my internet...for now, at least.

    Here's the Holiest of Holy Grails for S'Mom together with a wonderful surprise from a good friend....."Escales Med....." in my favorite colorway. "Comedie Italienne" is the one with the olive border............

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