Holidays with kids in Europe...any advice on where to go?

  1. Would love to go to Europe with three smallies this Summer. Are there any hotels that are child friendly,that anyone could recommend please?
  2. It depends how old your children are - what are their ages?
  3. 5,4,1
  4. I think the Scandinavian countries (Denmark) are good - although there are special hotels for families with kids all over Europe...
  5. That is pretty young to expect kids to be doing cultural things (or I guess that is what I do when I travel, others not so much, don't know what your travel style is). I'd honestly pick a place you are interested in going and just make sure you have a hotel that can provide day care, or bring that help with you. Maybe if you go to Paris you spend a day at Euro disney, or something like that... has itineraries geared toward families that show cities at a slower pace and good options for kids to do during the day. I think the best way is to make sure there is enough downtime for them, they aren't going to be really in sight seeing mode like a lot of older people are.
  6. Most Four Seasons are child friendly.

    I think it depends on what you want to do, and what you hope your children will be doing....
  7. talking about disneyland, how old is the youngest to take a child where they would enjoy it?
  8. I took my daughter to the FRENCH RIVIERA.Flew into NICE,stayed at LE MERIDIEN.They have a rooftop pool,AND its right on the beach for the kids.My daughter had a great time.
  9. [SIZE=-1]Cap d'Antibes is nice. The kids will have an unforgettable experience.[/SIZE]
  10. Iberostar resorts are very child friendly and they have locations in Spain, Italy, Greece, Montenegro, Croatia. It's nice, because you don't have to leave the resort if you don't want to, since everything you'd need is provided. However, if you want to do some exploring you can still go on excursions :tup:
  11. Club Med is like that and they have programs for even the youngest kids if you like a few hours on your own!

    We were at a lovely one in Antalya or around there in Turkey..gorgeous!

    But having said that, why not rent a house with a pool and make your own time? You can pick city or rural, and go to markets and find your own fresh regional specialties or go out and try great restaurants.

    They rent them in every country here through owners. We have done that for years here, going to Spain, France & Italy (all whom LOVE small children as a generalization!) and I know others who have gone to Switzerland and Germany, all very successfully. You can cater to your price range and find places in areas that have all you need for the gang. If you are interested, PM me and I can give you a few more details!
  12. I just looked this info up online last week. My DS is almost 6 years old and about 42 inches tall. From the information I found online, it looks like he would be able to ride the majority of the rides once he is 46" tall. There are tons of rides for kids shorter than that, but I want him to be able to ride just about everything.

    But I would think a 4 or 5 year old would still enjoy Disneyland even if they couldn't ride all the rides. Especially if they know any of the Disney characters. It just depends on whether or not you think it would be worth it.
  13. Sweden?
  14. The Greek islands are very scenic with beautiful beaches, etc. Some are more touristy then others though but overall family friendly. There is something for everyone. The fun thing is you can island hop from island to island because many are just a short ferry ride away!!! Or if you prefer you can spend most of your time at one. There are hotels to fit any budget and lifestyle! There are also Mediterranean cruises going to Greece, Italy, France and Spain.
  15. Thank you all so much for your advice.We will have great fun deciding.