Holiday Wishlist

  1. Okay, girls - what you do want for the Holidays? Here is what I want for Christmas, I've broken my list into "Possible" and "Yeah, right - but I can dream"

    1) Rafe Lucky Cat Key Charm
    2) Rafe Smoke Metro Card Case
    3) Car detailing
    3) The Sims 2 Nightlight Expansion Pack
    4) A damn good weave and haircut (I'm going in next week *crosses fingers*)
    5) More RAM

    I can dream
    1) More Closet Space
    2) All of Bush's Supreme Court Nominees to suddenly disappear.
    3) Marc Jacobs Sienna (I saw it in Nordstroms today while I was Christmas shopping, and it broke my heart!)
    4) Even more closet space.
    5) Matching shoes for all my bags.
  2. Most Likely

    1. Money and gift certificates
    2. LV Ludlow Wallet
    3. White gold anklet with yellow and rose gold hearts
    4. Nice sweaters and button down shirts for work

    I Wish!

    1. LOTS of money
    2. LV Manhattan PM :love:
    3. Princess cut diamond engagement ring with side baguette stones(damnit, bf, hurry up already with that! :lol: )
    4. Cashmere nice sweaters for work :P
  3. Don't mean to offend anyone, but I wholeheartedly agree with you on point number 2 of your "dream" list. I had a lunch date with a friend yesterday who works at the Supreme Court, and he shared a really weird story about Roberts jumping into a conversation that he was having with his colleague.

    But anyway, my list:

    1) Various gift certificates
    2) Clothes
    3) Jewelry from bf
    4) Books

    1) Marc Jacobs Stam
    2) A really nice vacation (I really need one)
    3) The lottery (but not an obscene amount...just enough to pay off student loans, take a year off, and buy lots and lots of bags)