holiday wishlist 06

  1. the "BER" months are here - the holidays are just around the corner. i know we have a H bag waitlist thread, but we'd like to know what's in your wishlist for this upcoming holiday season (Hermes and non-Hermes).

    let me start (and i'm emailing this list to DH for reference - he, he) :

    1. constance in lizard (any color)
    2. art-deco bracelet in black onyx, south sea pearls and diamonds
    3. rachel zoe for judith leiber clutch
    4. jige croc in glazed cognac

    5. a diamond cocktail ring :love:

    and i also wish for world peace and end of, it's your turn.
  2. 1. Kelly Elan in croc porosus (not sure about color yet but leaning toward Rouge Vif because it looks like candy apple red in croc!)
    2. Birkin 30cm in Cognac or Noisette Chevre de Coromandel/Silver HW (just like gigi leung's)
    3. Plume 28cm in Raisin Box or Chevre de Cor./Silver OR Potiron Chevre de Cor./Silver or Gold HW
    4. the perfect round foyer table
    5. More pieces of the Hermes Siesta pattern to complete collection
    6. New flatware (not sure which kind yet)
  3. Ooh fun!! My holiday wishlist...
    1. Hermes Rouge H or Rouge Vif 30/35 Birkin with PH!! :love:
    2. Hermes bolduc twilly in orange/brown or white/contrast color
    3. Nambe serving pieces in the Butterfly pattern
    4. Denby Jet Gourmet bowls
    5. Christian Louboutin "very prive" heels :heart: - LOVE these!!
    6. Cartier tri-color rolling ring
  4. -Van Cleef & Arpels Cosmos flower diamond pave ring
    - Evelyne pm2 in BJ Clemence
    - Cape Cod Watch in SS with BJ and Barenia straps
    - Bearn GM in Cocoan, Cognac or Noisette Chevre Mysore

    So, I dream big! Truth is, my Birkin was my early Christmas gift so this is probably not happening!! LOL
    DH will get me a little surprise but probably not another H bag for a little while.
  5. 1. Paris-Bombay PM in black or actually any color.
    2. Masai in potiron or a Garden Party Twilly
    2. Hermes gloves
    3. Scarf...the one with the rooftops of Paris in dark blue or something in a black colorway
    4. Pocket squares
    5. (more like Christmas '07 but...) 28cm Togo Kelly w/gold HW in pretty much any color.
  6. GT the other day I went to a watch/jewelry botique and they had some H watches. I tried a cape cod w/ diamonds around and blue croc looked blah in display case but stunning when put it on! :drool:
  7. I am new and simple (for now). I am going to start with the basic 1st.

    My first birkin in 35cm gold clemence/gold hw. I got the green light for it but it's a matter of getting a hold on one.
  8. Ooo, fun! My list, surprisingly short:

    -- Rouge Vif 35cm Chevre Birkin
    -- Bearn GM in Cognac or Rouge Vif Chevre
    -- Pomellato Eva Ring, matte pink gold with brown diamonds (but I'll settle for a garnet Lola ring)
  9. So much fun reading everyone's lists. I forgot to add I would love something...anything in Rouge H! Saw it for the first time yesterday and fell in :heart: :heart: :heart: ! :lol:
  10. Hmm... christmas wishlist huh?
    well if DH is listening, then any of the following would set my heart a flutter...
    - Cartier diamond trinity ring in white gold
    - Boucheron antique diamond studs in white gold
    - Hermes mink cape
    I know, I dream big too! And unfortunately in diamonds & furs, no less.
    Last but not least, I also wish for world peace (especially in the Middle East & Sudan) and an end to poverty & hunger.
  11. Hmmm. This is fun. Fantasy has no limits.

    1.Ebene 35 Birkin w/ PH (my SA in Paris promised delivery sept/oct) ostrich 35 birkin PH togo 35 birkin PH
    the latter two desires as yet not expressed to the SA, thinking budget......

    That's it for the Hermes wishlist.

    The non Hermes wishlist gets pretty ridiculous so I better not include it, but as a man once said to me - not only would he faint, he wouldn't even begin to comprehend my shopping, so perhaps I better leave it out.

    But to echo Gina_B, jewellery would probably feature.
  12. my first hermes birking bag. +++crossing fingers+++
  13. Dh says my list is short this year because I've been bad and buying all year (bought 5 bags, 1 Chanel and 4 LV's, and 3 Chanel sunnies:sweatdrop: among other things)
    1) DH bought me my Michael Kors boots this weekend, so I can cross that out.
    2) 2 more Hermes pochette
    3)My one big want, Fuchsia Kelly either 28cm or 32cm. That would be the ultimate gift right now:love:
    4)Whatever fancy me between now and x-mas:shame:
  14. I don't know about getting it, but I may ask for another bracelet - just not sure what at this time! Quite honestly, I've been taking pretty good care of myself the last 6 months and need to be done to prepare for ds and college next year! Christmas gift to each other may be a trip to Vegas in April for our 20th anniversary actually....
  15. Oh this is FUN! Hmmmmmm.....

    on my list:

    30cm Birkin in almost any "neutral" color in Togo with whatever hardware fits best with the leather color.
    Vintage Gold Ostrich Kelly,
    Constance in any color & hardware (never, ever see these in SF),
    H-Our watch in SS with Barenia leather strap,
    Any piece of 18th century Portuguese or Italian jewelery in good condition,
    a winning ticket for the lottery so I can give generously to all my favorite charities........