Holiday Wishes to The Fabulous H Subforum!

  1. Post your wishes too if you want to send a shout-out to anyone!

    I just want to thank my amazing new friends, including amamxr, candace117, bagluv, Guccigal07, and all of the other amazing H ladies for a wonderful year. I've learned from you all; I've admired ILML's, Rockerchic's, Rose's and PBC's style, I've been impressed with Lilach, CynthiaNYC, Hello2703, MrsSparkles, MrsMorris, gracekelly, and so many other ladies who help authenticate and know so much about the brand. Japster, Moviegirl325, Jag, Kellybag, S'Mom, Kelly_Birkin, Saligator, A-T-G and other wonderful ladies have taught me about giving, thoughtfulness and class. There are so many incredible ladies on here, I can't possibly name you all. But I appreciate and admire every one of you!

    Thank you so much for the wonderful gifts you've given me and the other ladies on this forum! You're incredible, strong, amazing women, and I hope you have a wonderful, blessed holiday season with your families and friends, full of joy, special moments and the true meaning of the holidays!

  2. Razor Happy Holidays to you! tPF members Happy Holidays to you all!
  3. RBB Happy Holidays to you! I hope everyone has a magical holiday season :heart::heart:
  4. Merry Christmas to you all and RBB.
    Have a prosperous New Year as well!:drinkup:
  5. oh that is so sweet! Merry CHRISTmas to you!
  6. Merry Christmas to all!

    RBB, I hope all goes well with your grandparent's estate and that you'll get your HG Birkin soon!

    Japster, thanks for organizing RAOK- it was a blast!

    Patz, once again thank you for the wonderful gifts you sent as my RAOK buddy!

    And to everyone else I wish you pleasant thoughts and the quick arrival of your most wanted H items!
  7. That is absolutely the sweetest thing I've read in days! Thank you for your well-wishes- right back at ya:p!
    This group ROCKS! I heart you all;)
  8. This Is Absolutely The Sweetest Thread!!! :heart:U RBB!!!!!!!

    :heart:U All!!!!! XOXO
  9. Merry Christmas Everyone!:flowers:
  10. Merry Christmas, ladies! May all your H-dreams come true!
  11. I heart you too, Sarah!!!!
    I, too, admire so many ladies on here for being awesome women and positive role models!
    Thanks to everyone for accepting me into your community as I'm still very new here. :smile:

    I will be back to the forums on Friday when I go back to work (haha) and I will miss all of you! I hope you have a blessed, great holiday and enjoy your time well with friends and family.

    Love, Candace
  12. :heart:Happy Holidays to ALL and RBB!:flowers:
  13. Everyone have a fabulous Christmas and holidays:love: Relax, enjoy the food and try to be like children:heart:
  14. Joyeux Noël !!
  15. Sarah, you are so sweet!! :smile: What a nice thread. :smile:

    Happy Holidays to all of the wonderful ladies on the Hermes subforum. You all make this place a wonderful place to be. :smile: