holiday-wear help

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  1. Im going away on holiday to a hot, humid place. They have a michelin star restaurant there as well as several formal places so I bought a lot of dresses.But they are all strapless or short sleeved, and i dont feel comfortable like that.Problem is i have no clue what to put ontop sweater wise, that is formal , preferably black and not too hot.
    what do you guys wear ontop of evening wear? or even cocktail dresses?

    any help is a lifesaver :smile:
  2. What about a very thin (possibly silk) shawl? It would cover you without being too hot. If it's going to be very sunny when you're out, grey might be better than black (if it goes with your outfti) or you're going to ROAST. I wore a black polo in Vegas (I'm pale, so I try to keep my shoulders/back covered) and I almost DIED.
  3. Good idea in the previous post, or you could try a black cropped cardi (3/4 length sleeves?) and unbuttoned, I have this perfect one I got forever ago that is both casual or formal. And it provides just enough warmth not to overheat if its humid. HTH