holiday treats from your SA? any yet?

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  1. just got a holiday H card from my local dear SA today. sorry, no petite plates or ashtray for me this year.......i will take a pic as soon as my cam battery is fully charged. it's a pretty neat card.

    did anyone else get anything in the mail yet from their SA?
  2. Pazt....I didn't even get a Le Monde magazine! I had to go to the city and get the dang thing myself! LOL!!!!
  3. oh no - we're back to that le monde drama again!

    sorry D.... did you change SAs yet? we had a thread over that issue last time. remember?
  4. I didn't even know that they gave out holiday treats!! Goodness knows I've spent enuf there in the last 4 months!!! Maybe my SA doesn't know me that well...;)
  5. My SA sent me an Hermes Holiday card (the ones that H gives to their store) and she called me today to thank me for sending her a Holiday card.
  6. I sent my SA fruit. She, in turn, called me a fruit.
  7. I STILL hadn't gotten a Le Monde magazine ... Hm, sent my SA some stuff, she called and said thank you. Think that was it.
  8. I got a big hug? Does that count?
  9. S, I'd say the hug is the very best:smile:
  10. Just cards for me. I would have preferred a Cognac Chevre Birkin 30, but that's okay. I'll wait.
  11. Nothing yet . . . .
  12. let me share the beautiful holiday card from SA :

    the bottom of the card


    front of the card
  13. oooh, that is so kind of the SA's to remember some of their best and most wonderful customers....
  14. Love the card Pazt! Thanks for sharing!!!
  15. Lovely card, thanks for sharing!