Holiday tokidoki print

  1. Ooh! A space tokidoki print does sound cool! We could keep Simone in business for years.
  2. LOL Maya.. I wasn't thinking about the Geishas as prostitutes! Oops!
    I love the Hawaiian print.. those hula girls are adorable!
  3. I want
    *tokidoki robots
    *tokidoki Disneyland
  4. here's my quick drawing of a tokidoki fairy, along with the bf's "i'm not into it" photoshop coloring. *lol* so all in all, it's a crappy drawing, but you'd get somewhat of an idea of the toki-fairie. :graucho:
  5. I can't open it :confused1:
  6. i don't know? i opened it fine on both my computers...?? :sad:
  7. My laptop is a mac and I don't have photoshop on it. I guess I could go try it on our PC with photoshop.
  8. let me try this then...

  9. That worked! And it's super cute. :smile:
  10. Oh! That is perfect! Maya! Love the fairy!
  11. thanks. it's not a "tokidoki-ish" as i'd really like, but it's something quick and simple. maybe one day i'll get around to completing a full print. *lol* probably not.
  12. Maya.. that's a great Fairie! She looks VERY Tokidoki-ish!
    Great job!
  13. I love the idea of Toki-Disney!! I can see Minnie now! Adorable!!!
  14. She's super cute...she just needs the "toki" edginess to her! A pierced tongue or something.:upsidedown:
  15. i vote:
    tokidoki lattes with the moofia!!
    tokidoki disneyland
    tokidoki hello kitty (I know they are doing it, but I think on the lesporsac bags would be cute)
    tokidoki sea life
    tokidoki faries (maya that pic is too cute! and ultra tokidoki!!)