Holiday tokidoki print

  1. I wish they would make a X-mas Toki print. That would be cool! Although it probably won't go over because not everyone celebrates X-mas. Another idea I wish would be made into a print is that child's bedroom with the greek gods and goddesses.

    What does everyone else wish for?
  2. the paradiso print made me think of christmas a little bit because of the little girl and boy making a snowman...

    well, mine is something that's coming true... the spiaggia. i just really hope it's a hawaii print and not just a beach print. i hope they incorporate the whole scene drawn for the hawaii signing in the print. :yes:

    oooooh, maybe a fairie print? where the girls and little children have butterfly wings, dragonfly wings, fairie wings... :idea: the inside lining would be lavendar.
  3. I'm excited for the spiaggia print, too! I hope that it's more hawaiin-themed. I'm pretty sure I'm getting a bag in this print, since this is the only upcoming print that I'm really looking forward to.

    I wish they would make a geisha print with cherry blossom trees. I would be all over that!
  4. I have the little angel babies making a snowman on mine. It is cute!

    I'm not sure about the spiagga print? It is so hard just looking at the pic of that ciao or ciao ciao shown. The color scheme to me just doesn't seem hawaiian to me. I guess I think beachy when I think Hawaii. I noticed a lot of dark purple in the print. What do you think?

    The fairy idea sounds cute! I love fairies.

    Your idea sounds cool Sandy with the Gieshas.

    Some really great ideas!
  5. i just drew a tokidoki fairie, so i just have to scan it and post it up... gotta wait for the bf to color it with photoshop. hehe.
  6. Did you see the Tokidoki bag Archive link I brought it up to the top for you to see?
  7. yeah! it just doesn't have the print photo i'm looking for... :sad:
  8. Are you thinking of that other photo where it just shows the print. That one gotten taken down along with all the other future prints as well.
  9. bummer!!!
  10. A) Space tokidoki!

    B) Underwater tokidoki
  11. ooooooooh, underwater!! with lots more mermaids!!!
  12. I'd definitely groove on a fairy print, and a space print...

    or...a cowboy/western theme! Maybe a space cowboy print would be the ultimate!
  13. Maya... do you have a full size pic of your avatar? Is that the Spaggia print?
    I have been to Maui once and I fell in LOVE with Hawaii! I would love to see the rest of the print!
    My favorite character is the little Hawaiian girl laying sipping from a coconut!

    I would love the print from the little child's room.. the mythology/anime idea!

    I also like the idea of Geishas, maybe baby Geishas and cherry blossoms?!
  14. the geisha print sounds really interesting :biggrin: the fairy print idea too!
  15. i don't know if that's going to be a part of the spaggia print or not... from what i saw on the ciao bag on the japanese lesportsac site, i don't see it on there. maui is nice... that's where my bf is from.

    i think the mythology wall was cute too.

    i'm not sure if i like the idea of baby geishas... i can picture it being cute, but i don't think babies should be dressed up as performer/prostitutes. *lol*
    tokidoki hawaii.gif