Holiday to Hong Kong & Tokyo

  1. Hi

    Anyone here live in either Hong Kong or Tokyo, got any tips for a first time visitor on what to do/see, where to eat/drink etc..

    Also if you could teach me some handy phrases too...
    Leave on the 22nd for Hong Kong for 4 nights then Tokyo for 7, can't wait :yahoo:
  2. Hey am going HK on the 23rd!! It's my fifth time there and have been to Toyko too.

    You should try and visit Victoria Peak, it over looks HK Island the views are stunning!
    Causeway Bay is a great place, and Times Sq which is near there. Loads of shops there.
    The night markets are good, you can buy jade and lots of other little things that will make good gifts for the ppl back home. There is one on Temple St, you will need to get off at Jordan (train st) for that. There are also a couple in Mong Kok, Ladies Market (Tung Choi St, the first word may be spelt diff) and Flower St (Fa Yeun St).

    If you like drinking/partyng then visit Lan Kwai Fong, tho the drinks can be expensive.

    Have fun!!
  3. I'm going to Hong Kong as well (tomorrow) to visit family. Spangle got most of the touristy spots. If shopping is your interest, there's apparently a gigantic new Gucci in Tsim Sha Tsui. The MTR (subway) will take you anywhere you need to go and it's fast.

    I was just in Tokyo earlier this year too. I would get a guide book if you can. I've been there three times and I still feel like I have not seen enough of it. For a first timer, I would go to Senso-ji (a temple) in the Asakusa district. Shinjuku is the busy/everything is there place.

    As for Japanese phrases are there any specific ones you want to know? I think you know "thank you" already.

    And when you are in Tokyo do NOT give tips. There's no such thing as a tip in Japan.
  4. I have the Lonely Planet guides for Hong Kong & Tokyo, i'm getting some good ideas from them.
    Definitely plan to get the Tram up to Victoria Peak. Also thought about spending a day at either Ocean Park or Disneyland. Not sure which is best or whether either would be worth it?

    I think I'll have to spend some time shopping, apparently the Louis Vuitton store in HK is very impressive as is the Prada in Tokyo...

  5. I don't know a thing about HK, but I lived in Tokyo (and its vicinity) for 14 years.

    For shopping, Ginza has tons of high end boutiques and department stores.
    Roppongi is also a great place. Omote Sando is another nice area and Harajuku has fun and kitsch stuff.

    For sightseeing, as Senbei said Asakusa/Sensoji is always a hit for fist time visitors (and repeaters) to experience traditional Japanese culture (though it's catering for visitors).

    A couple of useful Japanese phrases,
    Sumimasen = Excuse me
    Ikura des ka? = How much is it? (price)

    Feel free to PM me if you have any questions!!;)
  6. For the time of year I would say Disneyland. But I have been told Ocean Park has had some improvement work done on it. Don't forget Tokyo has it's own Disney. When we went they had not long opened another one there something to do with water/sea. Also there is a sanrio land is Japan, not sure of location. But if your a Hello Kitty etc. fan then prob worth the trip. I regret not going but could only choose one, so went with Disney and had a great day!

    Have you thougt about visiting Lan Tau island when your in HK? It has one of the largest outdoor buddhas in the world. Hopefully this year my boyf will take me there! He's been promising for years! It will take a big chunk out of your day tho esp if you only have 4nights.

    For travelling round HK you may want to think about an octopus card. So easy to use instead of paying everytime you want to catch the train. It can also be used for payment at mcdonalds and 7 eleven. This link will explain more:
  7. Spangle's talking about Tokyo Disney Sea. I went there two years ago and it was a blast. The food was a treat as well. I think this is one of the only Disney theme parks to serve alcohol. The shows are really worth it and amazing. Be sure to catch the night show with its firey mecha-bot dragon. If you are staying at a big hotel there might be a free shuttle to and from Disneyland.

    Ginza in Tokyo is THE place for high end retail. It seems like each brand has their own multi-story building and a bunch of exclusive things. For example,Gucci Ginza has its own cafe.

    In Tokyo, I especially like the Meiji-jingu. It's a Shinto shrine at Harajuku. I actually like it more than Asakusa. I would go on a weekend so you can see the cosplayers. Some of the costumes people wear are amazing. If you are lucky you might even see a Shinto style wedding.

    If you want to get a waiter or store employee's attention just say "sumimasen"
  8. Here are a few links to past-threads about Hong Kong. If you have any questions feel free to PM me because I moved here about a year and a half ago. As for Tokyo, I've been a few times and it's really quite easy to get around and the food is amazing! The ladies have already given great places to go so check them out!


    Audrey: Disney isn't worth going to in HK if you've already been to others. It's a really big disappointment :tdown: I'd vote for Ocean Park instead.
  9. Thanks everyone for your suggestions.

    I think I will try out Ocean Park and if we have time visit Lantau Island. I've just seen a youtube video of someone walking up all the stairs to the Giant Buddha there, will be a good challenge for me (i'm a lazy lump).

    Looking forward to seeing Harajuku and the cosplayers, it sounds nuts!

    Thanks toiletduck (lol, love your username btw) for the links, guess I should have done a search...
  10. I love Tokyo!

    Go Ginza if you like high-end shopping. Shinjuku has nice shopping areas and eating places. Go Tokyo Tower, if you have time. Asakusa is my next must-visit place!
  11. Also try Akihabara if you are looking for anything electronic. The technology there is amazing.

    If you are looking for a place, or a specific something, the simplest way to ask a question about where to find it is:

    (insert what you're looking for) wa doko desu (pronounced des) ka?
  12. I agree with everything everyone is saying here. Haven't been to HK (yet) but I live in Tokyo. Defiantly check out the big city centers like Shinjuku, shibuya, akihabara, ginza. I personally hate roppongi but if you are into clubbing you would probably like it. Designer stuff is way marked up here. So unless you are looking for something from a Japan-only line don't buy designer stuff here.
    Unless electronics have a universal voltage you won't be able to use them outside of Japan. If you want to see how obsessed Japan is with electronics go in one of the big stores like Bic camera or Yodobashi camera. Department stores are fun too, Isetan, Marui (0101), wako, seibu, Odakyu, Takashimaya etc. Tokyo tower. Asakusa for your temple and shrine fix. Harajuku is fun. Odaiba is really nice, that whole area has the ferris wheel, rainbow bridge, and alot of the buildings there are cool. You won't be here long so I don't know if you will have time for this, but if you aren't really planning on coming back to Japan soon I HIGHLY recommend going to see mt Fuji. It really is breathtaking. I took a trip to kawaguchiko to see it and go up to the viewing platform.
    You can take a bus and do it in Half a day. Going to an onsen there is nice too. We ended up taking all day but we went to the caves and stuff there. I think it's doable in a half day.
    There is also the tsukiji fish market which I hear is cool but I have not been.
    Make sure to get Sushi and shabu-shabu!
    There is really way too many restaurants to recommend just one. Just walk around and many places will have signs out front with pictures and prices. Just be a little careful going into some izakaya's if you dont know japanese. If it's a more expensive nicer looking one you should be okay but the smaller more hole in the wall ones are great but the menu's are sometimes all in japanese and don't have pics.
    If you have any questions feel free to PM me.
    Those are just the places I think people should see, I live here so I'm not really that familiar with the big touristy places. I mainly see tourists in Akihabara, shibuya, and Ginza.

    Sumimasen-excuse me
    Gomen nasai-sorry
    arigatou gozaimasu-thank you
    _______ wa arimasu ka?- do you have _____
  13. Tokyo Tower does look cool, I hope I can fit all these places in...

    Think our hotel is close to Ginza so will have a wander round the stores there, noted about the prices though, better leave the credit card at home.

    I would love to see Mt Fuji, I hope we can fit it in but i'm not sure if it will be possible. I had read that Tokyo closes down over New Year...

    Shabu-Shabu sounds great, i'm a bit worried about not knowing any japanese but i'll make sure to look for restaurants with pictures, i'm sure with some pointing and nodding i'll get there. I know ebi tempura which is my favourite dish so I can always resort to that!

    Thanks again everyone, you've given me some great ideas, now I better get packing, I leave in 20 hours:yahoo::yahoo:
  14. Yup it sort of does close down over newyears. Alot of stuff is not open because people will have off. But Tokyo is awesome! I for once actually like the place I live!