Holiday suggestions?

  1. I want to go away with my bf for our 21st bdays this year, (3 days apart) but have no idea where to go. I've never been abroad, but he's been to the US, AUS, sucks!!!
    I want a beach holiday so if any of you can suggest a cheap beach holiday that'd be great...except spain. I dunno, too many english people in spain already. :smile:
  2. Hi, how about Cyprus, when we were at uni we got a really cheap last minute deal there, pissouri is nice and up in the mountains is nice too, or what about Rhodes, Crete, Corfu etc?
  3. I love going to the Canary islands, they're a great alternative to your typical spanish holiday and pretty much the same price. Fuerteventura in particular has amazing beaches (especially Jandia beach).